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Event Overview

Code Generation 2007 will take place between May 18 - May 20, 2007 in Cambridge, UK

Code Generation 2007 is a new event for software practitioners. The event focuses on Model-Driven Architecture, Model-Driven Development, Domain-Specific Languages, Software Factories and other code generation approaches.

Code Generation 2007 will answer many of the questions around why there is so much excitement about the possibilities offered in this space.

The event will bring together the leading practitioners in this area to offer the benefit of their experience. The major tool vendors will also be present to advise on how to adopt their latest products. With its emphasis on practical advice the event is the ideal opportunity for architects, developers and others to understand how to benefit from these emerging tools and technologies.

Why should journalists attend?

The event is at the cutting edge of technology – presenting new information not yet published elsewhere from the key industry experts such as Microsoft.

Presentations by the key people behind the next generation of tools inc Microsoft, Blu Age and Metacase will provide a deeper understanding of how the industry is moving forward.

Meet the respected practitioners with first-hand experience, who will provide case studies and practical advice for both new and experienced users.

Get direct ‘hand-on’ experience of a range of technologies new to the market.

Learn how applying code generation in new areas e.g. security, user interfaces and testing will change the future of development and expectations for ROI.

Meet a wide variety of practitioners – consultants, tool vendors, standards bodies, academics, developers, software architects and managers.

Don't miss - SATURDAY!

Come along on Saturday for one of the hottest debates – be at the sharp end of a topic we think is going to rumble through the industry for sometime…..

Standardised modelling languages, such as OMG UML and its younger cousins SysML and BPMN, emerged from the melee of competing modelling languages available in the mid-1990s.

By creating widely used notations for common modelling concepts, these standard languages have made software modelling a mainstream activity supported by dozens of excellent tools. However, the Domain-Specific Language movement has a long and honourable tradition, recently given renewed impetus by Microsoft's support for DSLs in its Visual Studio tool set.

DSL advocates argue that designing a modelling language specifically for a particular application domain allows clearer and more precise models than using a standard language.

So who is right?

When do the benefits of bespoke domain languages outweigh the advantages of using universally understood notations? Are the two approaches really in competition, or can they co-exist?

A panel of DSL and UML experts will lead the debate…..

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Run models – not your code!

Speaker Interviews

Axel Uhl

Fabrizio Pugnetti

Tony Clark

Daily Programme

Friday 18th May, 2007

Saturday 19th May, 2007

Sunday 20th May 2007

Full three day programme (18th - 20th May, 2007)

How to contact us Please by email or call Mark Dalgarno on +44 (0)1223 323326 to arrange a press pass.