CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Mobile Games and Software Product Lines

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This session will discuss some of the current challenges of Software Product Lines, in particular, variability management. The context will be in the mobile games domain, where portability is the major issue and a source of considerable variability, making the development process very complex. We will first offer insights into how the industry is dealing with this problem in terms of development process and tool support. We will then present alternatives based on the new research areas of Aspect-Oriented Programming and Generative Programming.

Session Leaders Vander Alves is a research assistant at the Computing Department in Lancaster University, UK, working on the AMPLE (Aspect-Oriented, Model-Driven Product Line Engineering) project. He is also a PhD candidate at the Informatics Center of Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, where he has worked with managing variabilities in Software Product Lines in the mobile games domain with Aspect-Oriented Programming. Previously, he worked at IBM's Silicon Valley Laboratory in San Jose, California, in the development of the Information Integration product line.