CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Effective time-to-market application delivery with the Blu Age™ software factory

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This case study illustrates and discusses the implementation, by means of a UML CASE tool and the Blu Age™ software factory, of the example described in the How to leverage UML / MDA investments in the Enterprise? tutorial.

Session Leaders Franck Barbier is the scientific consultant for Netfective Technology and also Professor in Software Engineering at the University of Pau (France). In the past Franck has been a consultant for Reich Technologies, one of seventeen companies that built UML 1.1 in 1997. Franck was also a co-author of the DSTC consortium’s submission for UML 2 in 2003. His latest book (2005, in French) is named “UML 2 and MDE”.