CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Full generation of a J2EE & .Net enterprise application from a unique UML model, through an iterative method.

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

Blu Age™ provides a complete MDA solution to fill the gap between customers’ expectations and fast time-to-market application delivery based on UML business modelling and 100% target code generation.

The Blu Age™ methodology, which is based on short iterations, provides accurate outcomes, and a reduced set of errors and unintended results. It also supports built-in quality assurance and early testing with user feedback. This leads to success when building enterprise applications. Such success strongly depends upon the Blu Age™ structured methodology and flexibility to effectively manage requirements fluctuations in dynamic environments.

The case study session provides an overview of Blu Age™ architecture and UML modelling, both being starting points for generating J2EE/.NET applications. Beyond that, the session uses a concrete enterprise specification, to show how Blu Age™ can be first used to elaborate Platform-Independent Models and next to automatically generate and deploy target applications.

Session Leaders Imad Bernoussi is a Netfective Technology Consultant with many years of experience in J2EE and .NET development projects in several industry sectors. Imad graduated as a State Engineer from ENSIAS (Rabat).