CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Just one more question...

Session Type Cocktail Party

Duration 145 minutes

Session Description

At the end of a conference are you often left with unanswered questions, or was there one specific person you wish you’d spoken to? This session gives you a chance to address these points before you go home and to get answers from, or plan future work with, the most appropriate people present at the conference.

During the conference participants should list questions for this session on the conference “wall”. The session will begin with an invitation to participants to take topics either from the “wall” or from their heads, and to post titles on flipcharts.

Participants will be free to wander around the various topic sheets and form clusters of people interested in addressing the same questions. A panel of experts will moderate the session and be available for group discussion, and will provide commentary on some of the key questions raised. Other participants will be free to contribute from their own viewpoint.

Session Leaders

Alan Cameron Wills joined Microsoft in 2003 to help develop the DSL Tools, after working as an itinerant methodologist for some years. He now works in the Microsoft Patterns and Practices group on process support tools.

Dr. Steven Kelly is the CTO of MetaCase and co-founder of the DSM Forum. He has over ten years of experience of building metamodelling, modelling and code generation environments and acting as a consultant on their use in Domain-Specific Modelling. He writes and speaks frequently in major industry venues and journals such as SD Best Practices, OOPSLA and Dr. Dobbs.

Markus Völter works as an independent consultant and coach for software technology and engineering. He focuses on software architecture, middleware as well as model-driven software development. Markus is the author of several magazine articles, patterns and books on middleware and model-driven software development. He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide. Markus can be reached at voelter at acm dot org or via

Andrew Watson is Vice President and Technical Director of Object Management Group. OMG is responsible for several widely-used pre-defined modelling languages, including UML, SysML and BPMN, and is also the home of MOF, a standardised meta-modelling framework used to define Domain-Specific Languages.