CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Everware-CBDI Metamodel for SOA

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This presentation will provide an overview of a meta model for Service Architecture and Engineering. While increasing numbers of enterprises and software vendors are embracing the SOA paradigm, what this means and involves remains somewhat elusive -- except in the case of Web services deployment, for which there is considerable agreement in the form of open standards.

A widely accepted meta model for SOA as a whole could provide a solid foundation for vendor tools, repositories and methods for SOA. It should discourage divisive vendor-unique SOA languages, methods and solutions. A commonly accepted meta model will enable the sharing of SOA know-how, make SOA more sustainable, and support SOA success in the long-term. While Everware-CBDI consider their SAE meta model to be reasonably comprehensive, the speaker will comment on other SOA reference models he has encountered, which similarly seek to drive out a common language for SOA.

Session Leaders John Dodd is a principal consultant with Everware-CBDI Inc., an organization delivering independent guidance and analysis on Service Oriented and Enterprise Architecture topics. He is currently focused on SOA practices. He previously worked for Computer Associates, Sterling Software, Texas Instruments and James Martin Associates.