CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title The ladder to abstraction: Quantum Leaps or incremental Steps

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This talk will take an informal look at how several challenges have forced us to develop an approach to abstraction. While this will be based on our own product, the techniques are intended to be applicable on any generation tool. The talk will also cover the implications of abstraction for meta-modelling, UML tool profile generation, model structure and the organisation of model-to-model and model-to-text transforms.

Session Leaders

Matthew Fowler is founder and CEO of New Technology/enterprise, and product manager for the JeeWiz Enterprise System Generator.

Matthew received a BSc degree, Computer Science from MIT in 1974. He has created and marketed products in many areas of software - starting with system generation in the late 70s, LANs, WANs and software tools in the 80s, and more recently language design and implementation. He has also acted as trainer and consultant on many large-scale applications of J2EE. His current interest is large-scale system generation.