CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Domain Driven Development using the Naked Objects Framework 3.0

Session Type Hands-On

Duration 225 minutes

Session Description

Just how good at domain modelling are you?  Well, here's your opportunity to find out because when your domain objects have nothing to hide behind, you'll quickly uncover any problems in that model.

In this hands-on session you'll be pair programming to iteratively build both a rich client and a web-based client, from the same domain object model. You'll capture the object model as Java POJOs, and use the Naked Objects Framework as the runtime container of your applications.  Along the way you'll learn about the NOF programming model that extends the semantics of regular POJOs, as well as how to test your applications.

Average-level Java skills are required, along with experience of using a Java IDE - ideally Eclipse. Bring a reasonably powerful laptop with a few Gbs disk spare. Oh, and have a think about the sort of application you'd like to build with your partner.

Session Leaders Dan Haywood has been a key contributor of the NOF and the Naked Objects pattern since 2002 when he attended a similar conference session by NOF's founders, Richard Pawson and Robert Matthews. From 2004 to date he has been instrumental in the success of the Irish DSFA's new suite of benefit administration applications, all based on NOF 2.0 (DSFA is equiv. to UK's DWP). Since May 2006 there are now 7 state benefits administered by the system, including the State Pensions benefit paying ~250,000 Irish pensioners each week.