CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Automating Application Development for Legacy IT Systems with MDA and SOA

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

Many enterprise IT systems contain applications that have evolved over twenty years or so, often with poorly structured and undocumented code. Such applications are neither manageable nor modifiable. On the other hand, replacing these applications in one go with a big-bang implementation is too risky. Companies need a way to re-engineer their IT systems with modern software technology. This must allow old and new programs to co-exist, and must allow successive decommissioning of older applications.

We have been engaged in automating development of legacy IT systems for the past six years. In this session, we demonstrate the techniques that have been successfully applied to six IT projects for a variety of applications in treasury products, payments, credits and securities. The techniques presented can be applied to re-engineering and development of any enterprise IT system, independently of programming language.

Session Leaders

Chung-Yeung Pang received his Ph.D. degree from Cambridge University, England. For the past 15 years, he has been working as a consultant to different enterprise software projects. He has been engaged in IT architecture design, development and coaching of MDA techniques and managing IT projects.

Xaver Wiesmann studied electronic engineering and retrained as software engineer in 1986. He has been working as a consultant to different enterprise software projects since 2000. He has written complete XML parsers in COBOL and PL/1. He has great experience in developing meta-models to capture information as well as documentation management and archiving.