CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Microsoft Domain Specific Language Tools

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

With the Domain Specific Language Toolkit, you can rapidly define languages (and in particular, diagrammatic languages) and define templates that transform their instances into code and other artefacts. This enables you and your colleagues to create material very rapidly, within the domain that the language is designed to cover. Frequently used frameworks (such as wizards or database access layers) can be specialised in this way; or if you are developing a product line, it is easy to capture the variable aspects in the language and let the templates generate specific instances of the product. The DSL Toolkit is available as part of the Visual Studio SDK. This talk will give a general introduction to the DSL Tools, and discuss some of its applications in real systems.

Session Leaders Duncan Pocklington recently joined Microsoft as a developer in the Visual Studio Team Architect group having previously worked in a range of development and consultancy roles, most recently for a large UK financial. He has been involved in producing tools to support the development process for a number of years, including code and unit test generators.