CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Delivering your bespoke coding standards with Model-driven code generation

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

In an effort to convince people still reluctant to adopt automatic code generation mechanisms, we observe a proliferation of arguments made by tool vendors aimed at making software engineers confident about off-the-shelf code generators. But in most cases, these arguments prove to be just marketing promises, not applicable in practice.

This tutorial will demonstrate the unique features proposed by ARTiSAN in this area: our code synthesizers are not cryptic, hard-coded and unreliable engines, but comfortable and modular UML models, easily understandable, configurable and editable by users. By this, users can delegate to the tool the compliancy of their application code. For the first time, there is an automaton able to enforce and implement corporate standard coding rules, up to now available at company level in several ways, going from those formally expressed through documents to those residing in software engineers’ minds.

With the ARTiSAN suite, code generation is not what it used to be.

Session Leaders Fabrizio Pugnetti has been a Senior Consultant at ARTiSAN since 2002 and is part of the ARTiSAN code generation development team. With over 20 year’s industry experience, Fabrizio has worked in systems and software development in fields such as telecommunications, automotive, medical equipment, industrial automation, etc.

We caught up with Fabrizio ahead of Code Generation 2007 to talk about his background and his current work with ARTiSAN Software.

Read Fabrizio's interview with the Code Generation Network (PDF).