CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Enterprise-scale MDD and code generation: Challenges after the initial adoption

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This case study presents the main challenges and solutions that were dealt with during four years of applying MDD and code generation in several large-scale, enterprise-critical projects in the Israeli Air Force. The questions we’ll present will benefit and concern anyone, in any role, involved in adopting MDD and generation:
  • How should configuration control of models work, and how should deliverables and baselines of code and models between multiple teams work?
  • Where should the different levels of model validation, specifically the domain specific issues, be checked?
  • How is that integrated with the build process?
  • What really are the key features of a code generator, for large-scale adoption?
  • How do we gradually evolve a meta-model, while teams are delivering working software?
  • How much does the meta-model change anyway?
  • Programmers aside, how do business analysts, testers and customers fit in?

Session Leaders David Talby has recently become a Senior Manager of Software Development at, after a long track of software development and management in the Israeli Air Force. David is also a lecturer and doctoral student of computer science at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. His research interests are in software engineering, focusing on agile methods and large-scale enterprise software development, as well as parallel computer scheduling and workload modeling. He received his MSc in computer science and MBA in business administration from Hebrew University.