CG2007 Programme Information
Session Title Model-Driven Development in the Enterprise

Session Type Keynote

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

The reach of model-driven development methodologies and tools is expanding and spans an increasing number of aspects of software development. This leads to growth in the number and size of modelling languages and models. An increasing number of users also work with these models. As well as realising many well-known benefits, scaling model-driven development up in this way raises a number of interesting challenges. This keynote will highlight some of these challenges, such as technical teamwork issues, layered development, verticalization or constraint validation. A number of possible solutions will also be presented indicating future work that the modelling community may be faced with.

Session Leaders

Axel Uhl has been with SAP AG since June 2004, crafting the architecture of SAP's Modeling Infrastructure (MOIN) and is currently Chief Development Architect in SAPís Product Architecture unit. In this role he works on the architecture of SAP's tools, repositories and programming models.

Before Axel joined SAP, he worked for almost five years at Interactive Objects Software GmbH, as architect of their ArcStyler Model-Driven Architecture product - a product that puts emphasis on the design, implementation, maintenance and re-use of model transformations.