Session Title Legacy Application Modernization - Experiences in a real-world MDA / MDSD Project

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This session describes experiences and lessons learned in a 3 year MDA / MDSD project. The project was about modernization of an existing enterprise resource planning system. All aspects of a typical MDA / MDSD project are covered: definition of modelling style, design of target application architecture, design and development of generation logic, teaching business and technical staff how modelling and generation work etc. Benefits, problems and pitfalls when applying MDA / MDSD are highlighted and discussed.

Speaker(s) Marcus Munzert (Generative Software)

Marcus is a mathematician, working with Enterprise Java since 1997 and in the field of model driven development since 2002.

Marcus founded Generative Software GmbH in 2007 after working with Interactive Objects and Living Systems (now Whitestein). His roles have included Software Developer, Software Architect, Project Manager, Consultant, Trainer &Quality Manager.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.