Session Title Challenges in DSL Design

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

In this session we identify and discuss some recurring problems and challenges in textual DSL design:

  • What problems do we have to solve if we want to create a language library to enable reuse and mix-in existing languages?
  • How does linking work and how can we establish crosslinks between different languages?
  • What about static analysis, how is that described best and does mix-in of languages allow for reuse of existing compiler checks?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of interpreters as opposed to compilers?
  • How can we reuse existing generators or interpreters based on mixed-in languages?

During the session we\'ll try to find answers to these questions and show how existing frameworks help solve these problems by providing appropriate abstractions and tooling support.

Speaker(s) Sven Efftinge (itemis )

Sven Efftinge works as consultant, coach and developer and leads a branch of itemis AG in northern Germany.

His focus is on domain-specific modelling, generator development and Eclipse technologies - Sven has developed the languages and core of openArchitectureWare 4 as well as the Xtext framework. He\'s Eclipse TMF project lead and a member of the Eclipse Modeling PMC. Sven is also a regular speaker at software conferences, co-author of a book and writes articles for software magazines.

Sebastian Zarnekow (itemis)
Sebastian Zarnekow is a developer and software architect at itemis in northern Germany. He develops frameworks and tools for model-driven software development and is a committer for Eclipse TMF Xtext and openArchitectureWare.

Intended Audience People with at least some experience with DSLs.