Session Title Xtext Workshop

Session Type Hands-On

Duration 180 minutes

Session Description

TMF Xtext is a framework for developing textual domain-specific languages (DSLs). Given an EBNF-like grammar, Xtext automatically generates an Ecore metamodel and a rich-featured, fully configurable text-based DSL-editor. Xtext is a component of the Eclipse Textual Modelling Framework (TMF) project, and part of the Eclipse Galileo release. In this hands-on tutorial, we will first explain the core concepts of Xtext such as mixing domain specific languages, facilities to import or generate metamodels, validation and static analysis. Participants will then learn how to specify an Xtext grammar and generate a fully-blown editor from this grammar, including features like code completion, syntax highlighting, and navigation. Participants will also learn how to override default behaviour and implement refactorings for the specified DSL. Finally, we feed an exemplary code generator with the models we have created using the editor, thereby demonstrating Xtext\'s capability for agile domain-driven development.

NB Since this is a hands-on session places are strictly limited. Please let us know whether you plan to attend this session when you book your conference place. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Participants should bring their own laptop and may work individually or in pairs. Laptops should run either Windows, MacOSX or Linux. We recommend sufficient memory (1GB or more). Laptops should also have a working Java Development Toolkit (JDK) minumum version 1.5. Mac users should rather use 1.5 than 1.6, as the latter runs on 64bit machines only and there may still be Eclipse SWT issues with 64bit. Software necessary for the session will be made available at the conference.

Speaker(s) Jan Koehnlein (itemis)
After achieving his PhD, Jan Köhnlein worked as a Software Architect at Gentleware in Hamburg (Germany), where he advanced the development of Poseidon For UML and became product manager of Apollo for Eclipse. Furthermore, he acted as a consultant and coach in the area of model-driven development on the Eclipse platform in various projects and workshops. In 2008 he joined the itemis labs in Kiel Germany. He is a committer for the Eclipse projects TMF, EMFT, M2T as well as for oAW.

Moritz Eysholdt (itemis)
Moritz Eysholdt is a developer and software architect at itemis AG in northern Germany where he develops tools and frameworks to make common tasks in model-driven software development easy and exotic tasks possible. Current fields of interest are textual DSLs, patching models and co-adapting models to their evolving meta models. Moritz is a committer on the Eclipse project TMF Xtext and openArchitectureWare.

Sebastian Zarnekow (itemis)
Sebastian Zarnekow is a developer and software architect at itemis in northern Germany. He develops frameworks and tools for model driven software development and is a committer for the Eclipse project TMF and openArchitectureWare.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.