Session Title Mod4j: developing a scalable modelling environment with DSLs for administrative enterprise applications

Session Type Case Study

Duration 90 minutes

Session Description

Mod4j (Modeling for Java) is an open source DSL-based environment for developing administrative enterprise applications. It uses a collection of DSL’s to model different parts of the architecture, combined with manually written code. Currently Mod4j consists of four DSLs: the Business Domain DSL, Service DSL, Data Contract DSL and Presentation DSL. The modeling environment is seamlessly integrated into the Eclipse IDE which gives the developers one environment where they can easily switch back- and forth between models and code. The different DSL’s used in Mod4j can be used independently, but if they are used in collaboration they will be fully validated with each other. Apart from integration in the Eclipse IDE, Mod4j also supports the use of Maven. That is, using the DSL models as the source, the complete code generation process can be run automatically on a build server without the need for Eclipse. This is a must for professional development and fits well in current ways of working.

Speaker(s) Jos Warmer (Ordina)
Jos is one of the persons in the UML Core team that wrote the first UML standard. Within the UML team he had the responsibility for the Object Constraint language. Jos is responsible for MDD within his company Ordina and has setup a fully model driven environment in the .NET world using the Microsoft DSL Tools. He also is the principle architect responsible for the Java and Eclipse based Mod4j project. Jos has written books on MDA, UML and OCL end regularly presents at conferences and symposia.

Johan Vogelzang (Ordina)
Johan is one of the developers of Mod4j and he is the project lead of the Java software factory within Ordina. Johan has a special interest in Maven and has been responsible for the continuous integration aspects of Mod4.

Intended Audience Beginners and upwards.