Session Title The State of the Art in Domain Specific Modeling

Session Type Panel

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

Elegant support for refactoring DSLs. Better tooling for simplifying meta-model specification. Seamless integration between visual and textual model representations. What are the top DSM practitioners thinking about, frustrated about and excited about? A fast paced panel discussion with top practitioners sharing what they feel the limitations and issues still are in improving the effectiveness of Domain Specific Modeling and what new approaches and ideas they are excited about or are having great results with.

Details of panel members will be made available nearer the conference.

Speaker(s) Peter Bell (SystemsForge)
Peter Bell writes, blogs and presents internationally on code generation. He is CTO of SystemsForge and has developed an in-house software product line for efficiently generating custom web applications that was presented at ooPSLA and Code Generation 2007.

Steve Cook (Microsoft)

Juha-Pekka Tolvanen (MetaCase)

Jos Warmer (Ordina)

Markus Völter (Independent / itemis)

Intended Audience All