Session Title MDD: The Best, The Worst and The Ugliest

Session Type Keynote

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This second part of Markus and Steven’s two-part keynote provides even more lessons learned on model driven development. As a consequence of the two speakers\' different backgrounds and different tool preferences, the best practices are not tool specific.

Speaker(s) Steven Kelly (MetaCase)
Steven is CTO of MetaCase and co-founder of the DSM Forum. He has over fifteen years of experience of tool building and consultancy in Domain-Specific Modelling. As architect and lead developer of MetaEdit+, he has seen it win or be a finalist in awards from SD Times, Byte, Net.Object Days, and Jolt Productivity. He has co-authored a book and over 20 articles in journals such as Dr. Dobb’s, and regularly speaks at events like Code Generation and Software Architect. Steven is a member of IASA, on the editorial board of JDM, and a full-back in the Finnish 3rd division.

Markus Völter (Independent / itemis)
Markus Völter works as an independent consultant and coach for software technology and engineering for itemis Stuttgart. He focuses on software architecture, model-driven software development and domain specific languages as well as on product line engineering. Markus is (co-) author of many magazine articles, patterns and books on middleware and model-driven software development. He is a regular speaker at conferences world wide. Markus can be reached at voelter at acm dot org or via

Intended Audience All