Session Title Code-Centric or Model-Centric Approaches to developing software

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

Some development projects focus on the production models of the system and use those to drive the development of the code; other projects focus on the code, extracting models to help understand, validate, or document the system (for legacy systems, the code may be the only asset that still exists). This session examines both model-centric and code-centric approaches, and the tools required to support them, illustrating each approach using tools available in the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio. The session concludes with an examination of how the two approaches might be combined in a single lifecycle and highlights some of the challenges that poses.

Speaker(s) Stuart Kent (Microsoft)
Stuart Kent joined Microsoft in 2003 to work on tools and technologies for visual modeling, which culminated in the Domain-Specific Language Tools, now part of the Visual Studio core tooling platform. Stuart is now a Principal Architect with Visual Studio Team System, continuing to work on DSL Tools and, more recently, extensibility of a new suite of designers being released in the Team Architect edition of Visual Studio 2010. Before joining Microsoft, he was an academic and consultant with a reputation in modeling and model-driven development. He has over 50 publications to his name and made significant contributions to the UML 2.0 and MOF 2.0 specifications. He is a member of the editorial board of the Software and Systems Modeling journal, and on the steering committee for the MoDELS series of conferences. He has a PhD in Computing from Imperial College, London, on the topic of formal semantics of time and tense in English.

Intended Audience Any