Session Title What’s new in the DSL Tools and T4 in Visual Studio 2010

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

The DSL Tools have been part of Visual Studio since 2005. A number of new features and improvements will ship in the next version of Visual Studio in response to requests from customers inside and outside Microsoft. Jean-Marc will be discussing and demonstrating some of the new features, which include support for inter-model references, the ability to extend DSL designers after they have shipped, data-binding to models, read-only models, pre-compilation of T4 templates, and a number of other user-interface enhancements.

Speaker(s) Jean-Marc Prieur (Microsoft)

Jean-Marc Prieur is the Program Manager of Microsoft\'s DSL Tools Team, itself part of the Visual Studio Team Architect Edition.

After studying at the Ecole Supérieure d\'Electricité (Supelec), and gaining a Master of Science at Caltech (focusing on Concurrent Computing and Computational Neural Systems), Jean-Marc worked for the French Navy managing Operational Research and Simulation. He is passionate about software modelling, in particular graphical software modelling, meta-modelling and code generating. He is also an extremely passionate early adopter of DSL Tools. Jean-Marc founded the French DSL community with a group of friends, which ran several labs, workshops on DSL Tools, and a VSX Day in Paris ( He joined the Cambridge Visual Studio Ecosystem Team in March 2008 as a Program Manager, and is working with to add new features to DSL Tools.

Intended Audience Any