Session Title Modelling == Programming

Session Type Think Tank

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

When people start to talk about modeling and tool support they envision large database oriented model repositories with version control on each model element, real-time updating of changes to all users.  Also they claim that scaling up modelling is a severe problem that needs to be solved before we can "really" see it.

The idea is that modeling is different from programming.

Is this really the case? Isn\'t modeling the same as programming, only using other (modeling) languages? With the popularity of textual syntaxes for models they become really close to programs.  If we just view a model as a program, wouldn\'t most so-called problems with modelling be solved by re-using all known techniques, tools, solutions from programming? That would make modeling a mature area in one go.

This session tries to go as deep as possible into the dichotomy between modeling and programming.

Planned session format:

  • 10 minutes: introduce the subject & defining the different issues
  • 45 minutes: discussion issues in smaller groups
  • 20 minutes: presentation of group results

The result of the session will be a list of points on why models / programs are similar / different.

Speaker(s) Jos Warmer (Ordina)
Jos is one of the persons in the UML Core team that wrote the first UML standard. Within the UML team he had the responsibility for the Object Constraint language. Jos is responsible for MDD within his company Ordina and has setup a fully model driven environment in the .NET world using the Microsoft DSL Tools. He also is the principle architect responsible for the Java and Eclipse based Mod4j project. Jos has written books on MDA, UML and OCL end regularly presents at conferences and symposia.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.