Session Title Mastering differentiated MDSD requirements at Deutsche Boerse AG

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description
Deutsche Boerse AG ( is developing a so-called global trading system, where Eclipse Modeling Technology is used in different parts. From diverse models, C++, Java & Python adapters and other different artefacts are generated to build a mission-critical and highly-scalable software system.
In this session we will describe how openArchitectureWare helped us to build a tool chain that spans different subprojects and connects existing modeling tools, be they graphical, tabular or textual. In an international team we were able to build custom parts or re-use slightly adjusted community cartridges by applying AOP techniques to build M2M transformations, sophisticated editors as well as validation and server-side code generators.
Speaker(s) Heiko Behrens (itemis)
Heiko Behrens works as a software architect and consultant for itemis AG in Kiel (Germany). In his 10 years of experience in the field of commercial software development he has used a variety of different programming methodologies, languages and frameworks. His current focus is on domain-specific languages where he is involved with the design and implementation of TMF Xtext. He is a commiter for the Eclipse Modelling Project and openArchitectureWare.

Karsten Thoms (itemis)
Karsten Thoms is a Software Architect at itemis. As part of his work he helps customers realize MDSD in real-life projects. Karsten is one of the core developers on the openArchitectureWare project and gives training courses for this product regularly.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.