Session Title KISS Workshop Outcomes

Session Type Panel

Duration 90 minutes

Session Description

Participants from Tuesday\'s KISS workshop discuss the main workshop outcomes and future actions.

Speaker(s) Jorn Bettin (Sofismo)
Jorn Bettin is a co-founder of Sofismo in Switzerland and of SoftMetaWare in New Zealand. Besides developing model related software assets, Jorn advises software start-ups, fast growing companies in software intensive industries, and large financial institutions. He is convinced that developing domain specific languages can only become popular if the best tooling for language design and implementation is available as Open Source software. Jorn sees models as the only viable mechanism to capture deep domain expertise in a form that is accessible to future generations of software professionals and software tools. He has worked in methodology leadership roles in an IBM product development lab, initiated the Eclipse Generative Modeling Tools project, and - back in 1994/5 - led the development of LANSA/RUOM, a widely used model driven CASE tool for the IBM iSeries platform.

Tony Clark (Thames Valley University)
biographical details to follow.

Intended Audience Some experience working with Model-Driven Software Development would be beneficial.