Conference Fun

The conference wasn't all hard work. Each evening we had a different social event to let people unwind and relax - and meet other participants.

Tuesday 16th June - Punt Trip along the Backs

A punt is a square-fronted, flat-bottomed boat propelled by use of a pole. Punts are a common site on the River Cam, particularly during the summer season. Punting isn't difficult, but on this occasion we'll have some experienced punters to propel us along.

We met at the Traditional Punting Company's station near Garrett Hostel Bridge. From there we were punted along the famous Cambridge Backs taking in various colleges along the way. The trip lasted around 1 hour and after that participants were free to make their own arrangements for food and drink.

Wednesday 17th June - Conference Dinner

On this evening we had a three-course college dinner with drinks at Murray Edwards College. This was a chance for people to spend more time with other they'd met at the event to discuss their shared interests.

Dome Banquet

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