Session Title Modelling the User Interface

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

The User Interface is a tough topic in MDSD and it is not so frequently addressed in code generation scenarios if compared with other domains.

User Interfaces is a composite domain in the way it comprises navigational maps, presentation layout, presentation logic, to cite a few. Each of them needs different DSL approaches like graphical, textual or tabular ones and at the same time, coherence and cross references between models should be keep in synch.

In this session, the concepts involved and challenges about user interface modelling and code generation will be discussed combined with some relevant projects implemented in the industry to illustrate how to capture the essence of this traditional elusive domain.

Speaker(s) Pedro J. Molina (Capgemini Spain)

Pedro J. Molina is working on code generation, MDD, MDA, software and user interface patterns since 1998. He is a Manager & SW Architect for Capgemini Spain leading .NET development projects. In this role, Capgemini built a Software Factory solution for a Financial Terminal with full code generation requested by Bancaja (a Spanish Bank).

In 2003, he received a PhD from the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) for his work on “User Interfaces: from requirements to automatic code generation”. At the same time, he worked for the R&D spin-off CARE-Technologies specialising in creating MDD/

Pedro J. has published more than twenty research papers & two books. More info and publication list available at:

Author’s blog on MDD:

Intended Audience Anyone interested in User Interface and with basic knowledge of MDSD (modelling and code generation).