Session Title Xtext Take II: Crafting domain specific languages with Xtext and Xbase

Session Type Hands-On

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

Xtext is a framework that allows you to create your very own domain specific languages and IDEs. The next version will be released in June together with Eclipse Indigo. This session is an opportunity to learn about the new features and noteworthy additions.

A huge enhancement in Xtext 2.0 is the reusable language library Xbase. Xbase is an extendable expression language developed with Xtext that integrates tightly with the Java platform and Eclipse\'s Java development tools (JDT). Xbase is supposed to be mixed into your very own DSLs. Any language developed with Xtext can now contain Xbase\'s full-blown expressions. Ugly workarounds such as modifying generated code have
finally become obsolete.

Besides the opportunity to mix-in Xbase into your DSL, the Indigo release comes with many other important enhancements. Among them you will find a generic, cross language rename refactoring, a graphical grammar syntax view and support for rich documentation hovers.

In this hands-on tutorial we first give an overview on Xtext 2.0, before you  develop a small DSL embedding Xbase.

Speaker(s) Sebastian Zarnekow (itemis)

Sebastian Zarnekow is a software architect and consultant at itemis in Kiel, Germany. He develops frameworks and tools for model-driven and language oriented software development and is a committer for various Eclipse projects such as Xtext, Xpand or MWE. Sebastian is a speaker at conferences and author of articles for magazines.

Sven Efftinge (itemis)

Sven Efftinge leads an Eclipse open-source developer lab in Kiel. He is project lead of the Xtext framework at and the original architect of the Xpand language family (a.k.a. openArchitectureWare 4). Sven is also a speaker at software conferences, co-author of a book and writes articles for magazines.

Jan Koehnlein (itemis)

Dr. Jan Koehnlein is working as software architect and consultant for itemis AG in Kiel (Germany). He has earned several years of experience in developing tools for model-driven software development. He commits to several Eclipse Modeling Projects, such as Xtext, Xpand and MWE.

Intended Audience All