Session Title And you thought you knew Template Based Generators...?

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

We will start with a short introduction of the Acceleo project, its language based on MOFM2T and its core principles. Then we will realize a code generator while presenting the tooling embedded in Acceleo. Here we will start with a working prototype and, following the prototype-based approach, we will use the code of the prototype to configure a generator.

We will then evolve our generator and consider another approach for editing our templates in which we will write code directly in the output language inside of our templates and we will see how Acceleo helps us during the maintenance of our generators with the support of the target language directly in the editor.

We will consider a final stage in the life of our generator during which we will use, maintain and override parts of the behavior of an existing generator. As such, we will discover how we can be assisted with the modification of the generated code, the search of the origin of a generated text, and incremental generation.

Speaker(s) Stéphane Begaudeau (Obeo)

Stéphane Bégaudeau graduated from the Nantes University of Sciences and Technology and is currently working as an Eclipse Modeling consultant at Obeo in France. He is a committer on Acceleo, a code generator created by Obeo and now developed in the Eclipse foundation. He also worked on Obeo Traceability, an Eclipse based tool used to supervise code generators, reverse engineering tools, and model to model transformers.

Intended Audience All