Session Title Modelling languages for the “Solution Domain”; Productivity rules!

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 60 minutes

Session Description

The line between programming and modelling languages has never been clearly defined and agreed upon in the industry. Code Generation, has blurred the border between the two, by trying to extract one (code) from the other (model) and in effect turning the modelling language into a programming system.

For a modelling language to be efficiently used as a developer productivity tool, it needs to be designed for the Solution Domain. The solution of every real-world project is based on 1) A particular business domain, 2) A particular technology platform and 3) A specific implementation framework.

For a modelling language to be used efficiently as a development tool with primary focus on productivity, it should provide first class support for all three.

Speaker(s) Mazdak Afshar (Geeks)

Mazdak has been creating Developer Productivity Enhancement technologies for over 10 years. He is a co-founder of Geeks Ltd and has been involved in architectural design and implementation of Geeks Coder RAD Technology.

His focus is pragmatic application of MDD and generative programming within enterprise solution development in onshore development outsourcing. His experience spans across SME to blue-chip business community in both public and private sectors.

Paymon Khamooshi (Geeks)

Paymon has been designing RAD technologies for over 10 years for the Microsoft .NET platform. As a developer, architect and business director, he has first-hand experience with all sorts of challenges, uncertainties and complexities involved in software delivery and maintenance cycle.

He is a co-founder of Geeks Ltd, a London-based software development consultancy. He has been involved in inception through to implementation and operation of Geeks Coder RAD Technology.

Intended Audience All