Session Title Developing an Insurance Product Modeling Workbench

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

This session shares the experiences with building an insurance product modeling workbench using the various Eclipse modeling tools.  The session will start with explaining the business driver of the workbench.  Insurance experts can use it themselves to visually model their products using a insurance DSL in a multi-user environment, while at the backend the models are directly exported to a runtime execution environment.

Next,  the focus will lie on the good and the bad of the Eclipse tools that we used.  Based on our experience the audience will get advice on what to do and what to avoid and how to manage such a development project.

Speaker(s) Jos Warmer (Independent)

Jos Warmer is an independent modeling expert. He is principle architect of several open source projects. Jos has been an active member of the modeling community and main architect of the Object Constraint Language. He authored books on MDA, OCL and UML and enjoys convincing people that MDD works.

Wim Bast (Modeling Value Group)

Wim Bast is an independent meta-automation expert and member of the Modeling Value Group. He advocated MDD for many years, in particular declarative solutions. He was involved in many MDD projects worldwide, co-developed several modeling related standards at the OMG, and co-authored the book MDA Explained.

Intended Audience All