Session Title Build or Buy - who should develop and own your DSLs and generators?

Session Type Panel

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

Where does your language come from? Do you get it as part of a tool from a vendor, pay a consultant to build it for you, or develop it yourself in-house? While all of these approaches can work, they often come with long term commitments on who maintains and owns the language and generators. The panellists, each advocating a different approach, describe their experiences and debate the factors which make a particular approach more viable than others. Participation from the audience is welcomed: denounce the fixed language tools as inflexible, decry the consultants for fleecing you and not understanding your needs, and bemoan the difficulties of having to do it yourself. And just maybe come up with a golden middle way!

Speaker(s) Juha-Pekka Tolvanen (MetaCase)

Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, PhD, is the CEO of MetaCase. He has been involved in model-driven approaches, metamodelling and related tools since 1991. He has acted as a consultant worldwide on modelling language development, authored a book (Domain-Specific Modelling, Wiley 2008) and written over 60 articles in journals and conferences. Juha-Pekka is an adjunct professor at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Jos Warmer (Independent)

Jos Warmer is an independent modeling expert. He is principle architect of several open source projects. Jos has been an active member of the modeling community and main architect of the Object Constraint Language. He authored books on MDA, OCL and UML and enjoys convincing people that MDD works.

Pedro J. Molina (Capgemini Spain)

Pedro J. Molina is working on code generation, MDD, MDA, software and user interface patterns since 1998. He is a Manager & SW Architect for Capgemini Spain leading .NET development projects. In this role, Capgemini built a Software Factory solution for a Financial Terminal with full code generation requested by Bancaja (a Spanish Bank).

In 2003, he received a PhD from the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) for his work on “User Interfaces: from requirements to automatic code generation”. At the same time, he worked for the R&D spin-off CARE-Technologies specialising in creating MDD/

Pedro J. has published more than twenty research papers & two books. More info and publication list available at:

Author’s blog on MDD:

Johan den Haan (Mendix)

Johan has a broad experience in Model-Driven Engineering, more specific in designing and developing Model-Driven Engineering tools and environments. As Developer, System Architect and now Head Research & Development he gathered a lot of experience on all levels of innovative software development. The main focus of his work is the development of a service-oriented, process-centric, model-driven programming model.

He shares his experiences in the field of

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