Session Title Graphiti + Xtext: mixing graphical and textual DSLs for sprayers/designers

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

Eclipse is well known as generic plugin platform and powerful language and modeling IDE. DSLs come typically in various representation forms, be it textual, graphical, tabular or other kinds of notations. Often a special form is advantageous in certain situations, e.g. for user interfaces or  statemachines graphical DSL are appropriate whereas data structures and algorithms are best coded in textual DSLs. In this session we will show a mixture of graphical and textual DSLs, built with a combination of eclipse graphiti and Xtext.

Speaker(s) Bernhard Merkle (SICK AG)

Bernhard Merkle works as a Software Architect and Engineer for Software Engineering in the central Research & Development Department at SICK AG, one of the worlds leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions. He serves as internal consultant for the complete software development cycle and is responsible for process and methods selection as well as tool evaluation and introduction. In his spare time he gives a lecture about MDSD (Model Driven Software Development) at the University of Furtwangen in the Faculty Application Architecture Master.

Karsten Thoms (itemis)

Karsten Thoms is a Software Architect at itemis. As part of his work he helps customers realize MDSD in real-life projects. Karsten is one of the core developers on the openArchitectureWare project and gives training courses for this product regularly.

Intended Audience All