Session Title When everything changes - DSL Evolution

Session Type Workshop

Duration 90 minutes

Session Description

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when software is maintained and extended on a regular basis, the code needs to be refactored and restructured every once in a while. Domain specific languages (DSLs) are no exception to this rule. Over time either the business logic or the application logic behind models change and/or the understanding of the domain deepens. Hence, fundamental changes to the model underlying the DSL and in consequence to the DSLs syntax become necessary. This incurs the need to deal with the statements written in the older version of the DSL which - in practice - turns out to be quite complex and error prone.

The idea behind this workshop is not to present a solution - but start from out experiences with DSL evolution and work together to analyze and specify what makes dealing with DSL evolution so difficult and collect ideas for effectively dealing with these problems. We will be using different brainstorming and idea organizing techniques in order to capture ideas and structure the findings.

Speaker(s) Marina Haase (Independent)

Marina Haase is a freelance software developer and mediator/facilitator from Germany. While she usually works as a Java developer, she has been working with Xtext for the past 1.5 years. She is currently also writing her master’s thesis on DSL evolution.

Intended Audience All