Code Generation 2012

The leading event for the Model-Driven Software Development community.


Over the past few years, a lot of new initiatives have surfaced in the area of creating so called language workbenches - tools aimed at facilitating the definition and use of DSLs and code generation. We (see below for a list of who we are) believe each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses, and none is 'the best' for every purpose. Still, a lot of people keep asking for the best workbench. Based on that, we are now planning to have our second Language Workbench Challenge, in which we will be able to compare the strengths and weaknesses of these workbenches, based on solutions for a predefined set of cases. These cases are available for everyone on the LWC web site (, together with a description of the submission procedure and an overview of participating teams.


In the description above, we say that ‘we believe...’. The ‘we’ here represents the people who sat together at Code Generation 2010, and came up with the idea for what is now the LWC: Markus Völter (itemis), Eelco Visser (TU Delft), Steven Kelly (MetaCase), Angelo Hulshout (Delphino Consultancy), Jos Warmer (Independent consultant), Pedro J. Molina (Icinetic), Bernhard Merkle (SICK) and Karsten Thoms (itemis). The first workshop was a great success and over-subscribed and we all hope to see you at the 2nd LWC workshop!

This workshop will be used to present and discuss submissions to the LWC. This year's challenge is mainly being organised by Angelo Hulshout and Paul Zenden.


Only a few places remain for this year's challenge. BOOK NOW to gaurantee participation.


LWC will take place at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge on 27th March.


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