Session Title How we solved our data and model transformation problems with Xtext

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

We present a DSL that replaced tons of Java-code in two different scenarios.

  1. Performing model-to-model-transformations while porting our code generation platform to Xtext 2.
  2. Transforming messages in order to integrate different services in a SOA.

Our objective is to demonstrate how Xtext can be used for model-to-model-transformations in these contexts: MDD and message translation.

Speaker(s) Ramy Hardan (bitzeche GmbH)

Ramy started generating code 20 years ago on the C64 to roll out loops and has been seeking for pragmatic ways to ease the developer's life ever since. Currently he is the CEO of bitzeche GmbH which delivers custom MDD-solutions to its clients.