Session Title Practicing What We Preach MDD Applications in MagicDraw R&D

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

In MagicDraw R&D, we practice what we preach – we make extensive use of model-driven development (MDD). Some of MDD applications are rather common, e.g. MagicDraw persistence layer, GUI representation of model element properties are based on code generated from UML metamodel. Other applications are rather innovative, e.g. MagicDraw provides model-driven capabilities for extending/customizing its behaviour – constructing DSLs, enabling modelling guidance wizards, specifying model validation rules. Also, MagicDraw R&D team is practicing model-driven requirements and test case engineering. We will discuss good & bad experience applying MDD in MagicDraw R&D and share thought-provoking ideas for future MDD applications.

Speaker(s) Darius Silingas (NoMagic)

Dr. Darius Silingas is a Principal Consultant at No Magic Europe, a vendor of MagicDraw UML tool. He has been working in software industry since 1998 and took part in multiple large scale international projects as a programmer, architect, analyst, and consultant. He has run over 100 training/consultancy sessions in 20 countries helping organizations to adopt model-driven development with MagicDraw. Darius published a number of papers about modeling and spoke at various industrial and academic conferences. He is OMG Certified UML Professional Advanced and holds Ph.D. in Computer Science.