Session Title Developing advanced IDE functionality for your DSLs

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 60 minutes

Session Description

The trend to back newly created DSLs with decent IDE support is gaining momentum. In this presentation we are going to briefly review the basic functionality that is now common in most Language Workbenches and then focus on useful advanced IDE aspects like the type system, dataflow, refactorings, debugging etc. We also plan to highlight a few key directions, in which Language Workbenches could evolve in the future. We will illustrate the principles with examples based on the JetBrains MPS Language Workbench. If you want to familiarize yourself with the domain of Language Workbenches and get a taste of how DSL tools are going to evolve, this session is for you.

Speaker(s) Alexander Shatalin (JetBrains)

Alex Shatalin is the JetBrains MPS project lead. Before joining JetBrains MPS two years ago, Alex worked as a principal engineer at the Borland Together modelling department, participating in Borland DSL toolkit design and development, open source Eclipse Graphical Modelling Framework development, and in various other MDA/DSL-based application development projects.

Václav Pech (JetBrains)

Václav is a programming enthusiast who\'s constantly seeking ways to make development more effective and enjoyable. He\'s particularly interested in server-side Java technologies, distributed systems, parallel programming, agile methodologies, modern programming languages and DSLs. He works for JetBrains as a senior software developer and a technology evangelist. More at