Session Title Mission: Impossible --- Purely declarative User Interface Modeling

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

“We want to write the complete UI of our next generation ERP system in a declarative way. Not a single imperative statement.” These were the words of my manager when I took up the task of lead developer for the UI DSL and framework in the company’s R&D department.

In this session, I present exactly that: a DSL that lets you develop data-centric applications in a purely declarative way. I will talk about what kind of UIs you can and cannot describe in such a way. In the end, you will have an idea of how to write a user interface without events, data binding, and all the other things that used to make UI development cumbersome.

Speaker(s) Achim Demelt (Wilken GmbH)

Achim Demelt has been writing model-driven software and frameworks for 10+ years, based predominantly on the Java/EMF platform and Eclipse’s Xtend/Xpand/Xtext technologies. After many years working on the back-end side of applications, he now leads the UI DSL and framework development at Wilken GmbH, a maker of ERP software in Germany.