Session Title An practical approach to dealing with evolving models and persisted data

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

We will describe our experience with on-going development of an information system using a model driven approach within a finance sector company. We take a simplified UML model and specification in our (mostly process describing) DSL and generate most of the code (using custom-build tool-chain based on technologies from Eclipse project). Developers can then focus on specific business logic implementation.
One of the most time-consuming activities during preparation of a new system release is to prepare scripts to convert (persisted) data to correspond to the new version of the system model. To deal with the problem we have initiated a joint student project with Czech Technical University. The aim of the project is to track model changes and (using model transformations) propagate the changes to the data. We will discuss our approach and show a demo of the resulting tools.

Speaker(s) Pavel Moravec (CollectionsPro s.r.o.)

David Harmanec (CollectionsPro s.r.o.)

David Harmanec works as CIO at CollectionsPro company. For the past 13 years he has held various IT positions within finance industry in Czech Republic. Before embarking on his IT career path he did research work in the area of uncertainty processing and decision theory.

Petr Tarant (Czech Technical University)

Jirí Ježek (Czech Technical University)