Session Title Webr-DNQ web application development with pleasure

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

As firm believers in DSLs you probably noticed the trend - many of the modern web frameworks follow in the Ruby on Rails\' footsteps and provide convenient embeded DSLs for all the typical aspects of web application development. We\'ve build our own web framework fully leveraging the concepts of Language-Oriented Programming and projectional editing in JetBrains MPS. How much further on the convenience road can you go with a full-blown language workbench? How intuitive, safe and efficient can the DSLs get? What benefits will implicit IDE support give you? If you\'d like hear anwsers to these questions, this session is for you. Building on our practical in experience creating web applications with MPS, we\'ll show you how YouTrack was developed. We\'ll guide you through the concepts behind our Webr-DNQ framework, demo some of the languages and motivate you to build your own customized extensions. Web development can be fun.

Speaker(s) Maxim Mazin (JetBrains)

Maxim Mazin is a senior developer at JetBrains working on the YouTrack project. He obtained a PhD in computer science and has spend the last eight years building web applications and frameworks. Maxim is one of the experts behind MPS domain specific languages for web and for database development, which form the foundation of YouTrack as well as other MPS-based applications. He is a strong believer in the concept of language oriented programming as the next dominating software development paradigm.

Evgenii Schepotiev (JetBrains)

Evgenii Schepotiev is a senior software developer at JetBrains with the solid experience in Domain-Specific Languages development as well as in web development. He is one of the most active developers in both YouTrack and Webr-DNQ projects now.