Session Title Easy Development of Visual Model Editors with Spray

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 90 minutes

Session Description

Visual models have been recognised as very valuable for a long time, but their development was very labor intensive. This made the development of graphical DSLs very expensive. At last year’s Code Generation 2011 conference several proposals to speed up the development of visual model editors using model-driven approaches were presented. During extended discussions and a BoF many participants showed interest in setting up a joined open source project to unite these different approaches. Such an open source project was initiated under the name Spray still during the on going conference. In this tutorial the founders of this project will show the results. While work is still on going, it is already possible to develop full visual editors as will be shown during the session.

Speaker(s) Marko Boger (University of Applied Sciences Constance)

In 2000 Dr. Marko Boger founded Gentleware AG and with his team developed Poseidon for UML to become one of the most well known UML tools around the world. Gentleware was also active in a large number of MDSD customer projects and developed DSLs on the basis of GMF. He leads the Diagram Interchange standardisation of the UML 2.0 at the OMG as chair and main author. In 2009 he accepted the call as Professor to the University of Konstanz. He studied computer science in Karlsruhe, DE, and Toulouse, FR. He holds a PhD from the University of Hamburg, DE.