Session Title Transforming a 15 year old model-driven application from C++ to Java

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

Model-driven code generation techniques look cool, shiny and new, but systems built using those techniques age just as systems built using “traditional” techniques. This presentation reports on the experience gained by transforming a 15 year old system using a code generator written in and generating C++ code into a modern Java application.

Speaker(s) Eric Jan Malotaux (Ordina)

Eric Jan Malotaux works as a software architect and developer for Ordina, a large ICT service provider in the Netherlands. Having been trained as a musician and musicologist, he has since gained over 27 years of experience in the development of software, using many different tools, languages and approaches. Always on the lookout for ways to produce better software faster, model-driven software generation is one that he finds himself returning to more and more.