Session Title What’s Your Silver Bullet?

Session Type Workshop

Duration 90 minutes

Session Description

Admittedly, the silver bullet is a myth – but haven’t we all acquired a toolkit of techniques and principles we wish every MDSD developer took to heart and put into practice? Those techniques and principles might not be the solution to every problem that might occur – but would help solve specific general problems that keep recurring?

This workshop is about gaining a better understanding about what (if anything) makes the process of model driven software development work better. It is not about listening to a presentation (although I will have short examples to present), it is not about comparing mda/mdd frameworks or language workbenches and it is not about sharing war stories (although some might be told along the way).

We will start by collecting some general principles, tools, techniques and approaches that we have used to make MDSD more effective and can be used independently of the concrete MDA/MDD framework being used.
Then we will analyze and question these techniques to try and understand what makes them work by asking questions such as “What problem does this “technique” solve?” “Are there risks involved using this tool?” “Are there limitations to using the “technique/tool”? We will be using different brainstorming and idea organizing techniques in order to capture ideas and structure the findings.

Benefits of attending the session:

  • Learning about techniques, principles and tools you might never have come across otherwise
  • Gaining a better understanding of one’s own tools by analyzing “what makes it work”

Speaker(s) Marina Haase (Independent)

Marina Haase is a freelance software developer and mediator/facilitator from Germany. While she usually works as a Java developer, she has been working with Xtext for the past 2 years. She is currently also writing her master’s thesis on DSL evolution.