Session Title Beyond Code: The Evolution of Raytheonís Code Generation Strategy

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 60 minutes

Session Description

Over the past decade, Raytheon has made a significant commitment to generative coding strategies. Through our experiences using various tools and methodologies, we now have a strong foundation for implementing more comprehensive generative coding practices across the company. Surprising to us, as the power of generative coding became more and more apparent, the possibilities open to generative techniques in general became compelling opportunities for overall efficiencies in our engineering organization. This paper will discuss the evolution of our understanding and application of generative coding techniques and how we see it as a game changer for our company.

Speaker(s) John Slaby (Raytheon)

John Slaby is an Engineering Fellow with Raytheon. He has spent over 25 years in software engineering focused on software development and tooling.  At Raytheon, he was a member of the Zumwalt System Architecture team and the Principal Investigator for research projects on model-driven software development and domain-specific modelling languages. He is the Chief Engineer for Aspen, a program focused on bringing modern software development practices to Raytheon. He has authored patents for the automated provisioning of devices in large-scale distributed networks, and for the design of a development environment for data-driven user interfaces for mass market services.

Phillip Hardbeck (Raytheon)

Philip Hardebeck is a Senior Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon. He has spent over 20 years in hardware and software engineering working on a variety of real-time systems. He received his MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2004 and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1986.

His background includes hardware and software design for satellite instruments and ground stations, and software and algorithm design and testing for EHF military satellite communications systems.