Session Title Cognovo Software-Defined Radio Platform

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

The Domain of Cellular Wireless Modems is challenging: very high data rates, limited processing and memory resources all running on a device with a small battery and costing a few dollars. Modems are also becoming more complex and fast changing.

Software Defined Radio addresses flexibility by implementing modems in software on very high performance heterogeneous multi-processor platforms. Programming these sorts of platforms in a very hard real time environment is almost impossible to do efficiently without tools support.

This talk describes the successful implementation of a complex LTE modem using Domain Specific Modelling tools. It describes how the concerns of timing, resource allocation, power consumption are built-in to the tool, exposed and analysed in the model. The highly parallel nature of the data processing and mapping to multiple processors is modelled using modified UML activity diagrams.

Code  is generated by the tool for all of the processors (and dedicated hardware elements) to produce an efficient implementation on the platform.

In addition, the concerns expressed in the model are verified by generating code for the debug subsystem and through the use of debug framework tools, it allows us to do Domain Specific Debugging at the Application/Model level.

Finally, the expressed concerns may be validated with on target state observation hardware/software. The code to drive this is also generated from the model by the tool.

In this highly challenging environment, the Domain Specific Modelling approach has been proven to work and deliver massive improvements in development and verification time over traditional techniques.

Speaker(s) Paul Tindell (Cognovo)

Paul Tindall is Head of Software for the ARM-backed company: Cogonovo Ltd in Cambridge England. Cognovo generates technology and tools for Software Defined Radios. Here, Paul and his colleagues architected and developed Domain Specific Modelling tools targeting Modem Physical Layers on Heterogeneous Multi-processors platforms, as well as a Domain Specific Modem Operating System, which enables the rapid deployment of modems as ‘applications’.

Prior to working at Cognovo, Paul was the Technical Director and Uber-Architect at TTPCom SW Business Unit where he developed wireless technology for 13 years.