Session Title User Interaction Modeling: current status of the standardization process, from the requirements to the language

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

User Interaction is one of the most overlooked aspects by software modeling practices. Some approaches exist for describing user interfaces in terms of buttons and items to be put in the forms, but they mostly consist of WYSIWYG form building environments. Furthermore, no standard notation exist for modeling these application aspects.

This session will present the ongoing activities at OMG towards the standardization of a Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML): we will discuss the requirements and the scope of the sought standard, and we will propose a solution based on our 15-year experience in Web interaction design. We will be inspired by our WebML language, but we will also explain how to go beyond that, so as to cover mobile, multi-touch, collaborative applications, independently from the implementation platform.

We will also show how a dedicated interaction modeling tool like WebRatio can ease the development through a plethora of facilities supporting the developer, including: visual debugging, quick prototyping, multi-platform and cloud deployment, and so on.

Speaker(s) Marco Brambilla (Web Models / Politecnico di Milano)

Marco Brambilla is assistant professor at Politecnico di Milano and partner and shareholder of WebModels Srl. He is one of the inventors of the Web modeling language. He is working on business processes, web application, and business-IT gap-bridging solutions. He got his Ph.D. at Politecnico di Milano. He has been consultant in several industrial and research projects; among others, he worked with Acer Europe, Cisco System (San José, CA), and UniCredit Europe, and others. He has been visiting researcher at UCSD, CA, USA. He is author of several papers, speeches and books.

Emanuele Molteni (Web Models)

Emanuele Molteni is the Product Manager for Web Models. He is responsible for delivering support, training and consultancy services to all WebRatio users. He joined Web Models in 2003, where his career started as WebRatio analyst / developer. Over the years he devoted himself increasingly to pre and post sales to finally become the manager of the Customer Services area. Emanuele studied at Politecnico di Milano.