Code Generation 2012

The leading event for the Model-Driven Software Development community.


Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions before submitting a session proposal.

You then need to ensure that your proposal is recorded in the right format - please download one of our proposal forms if you have not already done so: PDF, word , open office and plain text.

Next you will need to login to the CG2012 submission system at EasyChair. If you do not have a login for EasyChair, please create one. Take care to enter your email address correctly as you will need it to complete the signup.

When logged in you will be presented with a menu of options. Choose New Submission from this menu.

You will then be presented with a form to complete. The first set of boxes for postal address and fax are not required for CG2012 as all our communication will be by email or telephone/Skype. However these are mandatory fields in Easychair so feel free to simple place an "X" in each box.

Please complete the authors section - if there is only one speaker then just complete the first box.

Now you will need to provide the title and abstract for your proposed session. You will already have captured this information in your submission form, so please just copy and paste it from that document again.

You will also need to give a couple of keywords to describe your proposal - please use this to indicate the broad topic areas your proposal fits into (e.g. People, Process, Practice, Technology, MDA, Product Lines, Eclipse, DSM, Generation. Modelling etc.)

Finally, attach your completed session proposal document using the box at the bottom of the form.

Please note that sessions must be submitted no later than Friday December 9th 2011. You may also log into EasyChair at any point before that date to amend any proposal that you have already submitted.