A community-driven, practical conference

The Code Generation Conference returns for the 7th year as the best place to build your knowledge and skills of Domain-Specific Languages, Language Workbenches, Model-Driven Software Development and Code Generation.

As always, the event will have a strong, practical focus on sharing experiences, evaluating emerging technologies and hands-on development. Come along to learn from your peers, share your own experiences and have fun.

Conference Program

Our conference program is now ready. Our program committee has selected 30 sessions covering a range of practical topics from beginner to expert levels.

Practical Experiences

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You can book for 1 - 3 days and also include a pre-conference activity.

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The Code Generation conference is the event to be at for Model-Driven Software practitioners.


The focus of the event is on sharing experiences, techniques and advice to make everyone more effective in their daily lives.

There's also plenty of time scheduled outside the conference programme to meet others and chat about your common challenges and opportunities.

"Model-Driven approaches are the next evolutionary step in programming technology. With its practical focus, this event gives developers the knowledge to take this step."


A high value, low cost event delivering honest learning you can use immediately.

Sessions at the conference offer practical advice and training that is directly related to your work.

"Full code generation with Domain-Specific Modeling or Languages is the biggest step forward for our industry since the move from assembler. This event will help you make it happen."

Keynote Speakers

We're very pleased to announce Sven Efftinge, Rainer Koschke and Jos Warmer as keynote speakers for Code Generation 2013. We will publish the details of all keynote talks shortly.

Sven Efftinge

Sven Efftinge


The Past, Present and Future of Code Generation


Sven Efftinge works for itemis AG and leads an open-source development lab in Kiel, Germany.

He is a passionate software developer, interested in everything which helps developing and maintaining high-quality software systems. Sven is the project lead of Xtext, a framework for development of domain-specific languages, and Xtend, a programming language which compiles into readable Java source code.

Rainer Koschke

Rainer Koschke


Similarity in Software Artifacts and its Relation to Code Generation

Duplicated or similar code is one of the most wide-spread form of bad smells. This talk gives an overview on the state-of-the-art in detecting similarity in software artifacts and discusses ways to exploit such similarity for code generation.

Similarity in artifacts can be exploited for code generation. The template for the code generator may be inferred as a re-occurring structure. The differences in the similar artifacts are the specific parts that need to be added in the specialization.


Rainer Koschke is a full professor for software engineering within the Department of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Bremen. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Stuttgart.

His research interests include software clones, software architecture recovery, feature location, model analysis, reverse engineering, and reengineering. He is the author of more than 100 research papers on these subjects.

Jos Warmer

Jos Warmer


Beautiful Models

In the real world, models tend to be beautiful. They shine on billboards, magazine covers, anywhere. In the software world models tend to be ugly, even though we often say that we 'model the real world'. Why is this so? Can it be otherwise? Let's find out.


Jos Warmer is a modeling veteran, trying to do model driven development even before the tools were available to make life easy.

His focus is on designing domain specific languages and building the tools to support the use of these languages. Jos is the driving force behind the Spray open source project, with the ultimate goal to make graphical modeling with Graphiti as easy as textual modeling.

He has written books on OCL, UML and MDA and a regular presenter at conferencees and seminars. Jos currently is an independent consultant, architect and coach on all aspects of model driven development.


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