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The Use of Model-Driven Development in Industry

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 90 minutes

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This Extended Experience Report will present some of the findings of an extensive survey of how MDD is being used in industry. The survey included a widely distributed questionnaire, in-depth interviews and even included a workshop session at CodeGen2010. The findings present a rich understanding of how industrial practitioners are using MDD and provide some fascinating insights into what practitioners think about MDD and its use. Many of the findings are not specifically technical issues but instead focus up organisational and social factors.


John Hutchinson (Lancaster University)

John is a Senior Research Associate in the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University. With diverse experience in academia and industry, he moved from a role as a software engineer in the defence industry to researching different facets of software engineering over 10 years ago. He was recently awarded his PhD (titled: An Empirical Assessment of Model Driven Development in Industry).