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Alive and Kicking with Code Generation

Session Type Case Study

Duration 75 minutes

Session Description

The lifecycle of enterprise software products can last decades. The ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite, core product of ATOSS Software AG, has already a history of over 20 years. Over this time the product had to evolve steadily, while requirements, technology, staff and legal aspects are changing frequently.

One of the building blocks of ATOSS‘ success is a working development process, which has been improved over years. Code Generation plays an important role and helped ATOSS‘ products to keep in pace with changing requirements. Also the methods and technology of Code Generation was changed several times during the product lifecycle. Currently the Xpand based code generator is replaced by an Xtend2 based one, and models are migrated to a textual DSL built with Xtext.

This session will give an insight in the development process of our products and the role of Code Generation within. Organizational aspects in a distributed team are discussed as well as methods and tooling.


Boris Baginski (ATOSS Software AG)

Boris is responsible for the development environment and the core architecture of the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. His passion is to keep very  old software very modern.

Karsten Thoms (itemis)

Karsten works as Software Architect at itemis. As part of his work he helps customers to practice MDSD in real-life projects. Karsten is highly dedicated to Open Source projects in the area of Eclipse Modeling, DSL development and code generation.